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  • S40 (04-)

VOLVO control system, ignition

volvo VOLVO S40 (04-)

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P-011002800500A/10 P-011002800500A/9 P-011002800500A/8 P-011002800500A/7 P-011002800500A/6 P-011002800500A/5 P-011002800500A/4 P-011002800500A/3 P-011002800500A/2 P-011002800500A/1
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Find a part in the unit by name
  • 1
    Rotor exhaust side
    • 1
      Rotor intake side (B5244S4/S5/S7)
    • 1
      Rotor exhaust side (B5244S7)
  • 2
    Six point socket screw
  • 3
    Camshaft position sensor
  • 4
    Flange screw
  • 5
    Crankshaft pos. sensor
  • 6
    Flange lock nut
  • 7
  • 8
    Six point socket screw
  • 9
    Knock sensor
  • 10
    Flange screw
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